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Current Courses

Childhood Adversity

Senior Seminar in Psychology (PSY 4931) is a seminar-style course open to junior and senior undergraduates. In this class, we explore how childhood trauma impacts behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and biological functioning over the lifespan. This course is designed to introduce you to what graduate school is like—that is, diving deep into a topic and exercising critical thinking and writing skills. We will also focus on professional development, including how to write a personal statement and how to apply to graduate school or jobs. To learn more, check out the syllabus.



Family Systems Practicum

The Family Systems Practicum (FSP) provides doctoral-level students with advanced training in evidence-based assessment and treatment methods. A focus of the training is on whole family approaches to treating child psychopathology including parenting, parental well-being, and coparent and couples relationship quality. Students receive training on the use of digital technologies to support skill development and monitor treatment gains. 

Data Science

Special Topics: Data Science for the Social Sciences (PSY 5939) is a graduate quantitative psychology course designed to provide an introduction to data science methodologies. Focus will be on applications relevant to social scientists. Topics will include ambulatory and ecological momentary assessment, big data, intensive longitudinal data analysis, statistical learning, mobile application development, and machine learning methods, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, decision trees, and neural networks. To learn more, check out the syllabus.

Statistical Consulting

Dr. Timmons provides statistical consulting to graduate students in the FIU Psychology Department and Center for Children and Families. Areas of consultation include multilevel modeling, multilevel structural equation modeling, intensive longitudinal data, ambulatory assessment, data science, and machine learning. If you are interested in setting up an appointment, email atimmons@fiu.edu with a description of your project and times that you are available to meet.

Research Internship

Research Internship in Psychological Science (PSY 4940) is open to current TIES Lab research assistants. In this class, we work as a group to produce research, including collecting data, working with families, processing data, and analyzing data. If you are interested in taking this class, you must first complete our application form and be admitted to the TIES Lab. To view our minimum requirements, visit our join us page. New applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to the first day of the semester. To learn more, check out the syllabus.